How to Get Travelers into Your Home This Holiday Season


December 2 2019 by Transplant Housing

The holidays are here!  A potential time of joy, family, and friends.   Hopefully, it’s not overshadowed by financial strain or worry over filling your rental.  Those extra few months of rental income can help you sail through the holiday season this year, while keeping it jolly like it should be.  This season, it’s all about attracting travel nurses and other medical professionals this winter that will love your space. 

How to fill your rental this holiday season. 

  • Adjust your local guides and recommendations for winter activities.  Don’t forget to include all the fun winter activities, indoor and outdoor, available in your city this season.  Add any local shows, events, and festivals going on in the area that they can enjoy. 
  • Highlight the amenities that they can enjoy during winter.  Whether it’s a winter wonderland that they can enjoy snow activities at or a complete escape from the cold, make sure your potential customers know what they can experience in your home, neighborhood, and city.  Hot tubs, saunas, and fire places are always crowd pleasers.
  • Up your coziness game.  Pay extra attention to making your home feel snuggly and warm this winter season.  Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas bring feelings of coziness to most people’s minds, so use this to your advantage.  Add some extra fluffy pillows, turn on the fire place, and throw some extra-large hot cocoa mugs on the counter for a photo-op that screams holidays. 
  • Talk about the ease of travel form your home.  Chances are a travel nurse or medical professional will be going home for a short period during the holidays to see their family.  If you are close to an airport, have easy access to buses, trains or other forms of helpful travel, make sure to include all of this information in your rental listing. 

It’s all in the details.

While some travelers take the entire holiday season off, this is a peak time to work because of the high demand.  Take the time to showcase your home as a perfect holiday rental and you won’t have any problem filling your home this season.  Once they are in your home, help make their stay comfortable with amenities that will keep them warm, such as a space heater and coffee pot.  

Other options for the holiday season.

If you are having trouble finding a travel nurse for the holidays, remember that it is also prime time for short term rentals.  This may be a great time to rent your home for shorter periods until the holidays are over. Plus, you can charge a higher premium.  If you’re not sure how to do this, consider working with an expert like Transplant Housing.  They work with a variety of platforms to help maximize your profits and rental bookings.  

For other general tips on attracting potential renters all year round, look here

What do you like to do to keep your rental filled over the holidays?  We’d love to hear!