7 Reasons A Traveling Nurse Should Use a Rental Management Company


September 11 2019 by Transplant Housing
Travel nurse housing home

Word has gotten out that traveling medical professionals are a great population to rent to.  Although it hasn’t quite taken the rental market by storm yet, as a healthcare professional, you will notice more and more options available to you. With so many options for finding short term rentals, such as Facebook, Craigslist, and property management companies, you may be wondering where to start to find what’s best for you.  

Property management companies take the hassle out of short term rentals. 

Here are 7 reasons why you should ditch the private renters and use a rental management company instead:

  1. Renting a property is efficient and easyTransplant Housing is one of the first companies to offer comprehensive listings to you, as a medical traveler, for FREE.  There is absolutely no cost involved except the time it takes to set up a profile and find your new rental home.  Talk about easy! 
  2. Rental listings are consistent and reliable. Home owners purchase different options for listing their home and making it available to you.  This investment demonstrates that they are serious about offering their home to you. This will minimize the risk of a last minute cancellation on your way to an assignment and optimize a great start to your next travel adventure. 
  3. It’s safe.  Both parties can request a background check and verification to ensure the utmost safety for all parties involved. Transplant housing highly recommends their partners at Cozy
  4. It‘s secure.  All payments are done through Cozy as well, a simple and safe way to get your rent check to your landlord!
  5. They offer competitive rental rates.  Home owners are educated and aware of what you can afford form the start based on your travel stipend.  Plus, they offer additional incentives through furnishings and other details that most owners don’t think about. 
  6. They provide comprehensive rentals to maximize your stay.  Adequate furnishings, amenities and stocking the kitchen are all important for staying competitive in this market.  Plus, it helps you minimize what you have to haul around with you without having to compromise on comfort. 
  7. You will experience superb customer service.  Sometimes things go wrong, having support will help you work through any issue.  Choose a rental company that cares about you and your rental experiences as a traveler. 

Finding a short term rental for a new assignment used to come with a lot of hassle and stress.  It came down to compromises between budget, location, and furnishings. However, you can now find a rental that fits all your needs, and more!  Don’t settle for anything less than what you want with the help of a management company like Transplant Housing. With all these benefits, the only question is why you didn’t use them sooner!