How to Attract Travel Nurses and Medical Professionals to Your Rental Listing


July 25 2019 by Transplant Housing
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Renting your home short-term to a travel nurse or medical professional is a great option for keeping your home occupied part of the year without having to deal with the turnover of a vacation rental.  Plus, you have the flexibility to stay in your home when you need or want to also.  

Typically, travel nurses are looking for housing anywhere from 3 to 6 months.  They are known for their professionalism and respect so they make for great tenants. So, how do you attract travel nurses to your home?

Try these simple tips to attract the renters you want:

  • Create a stellar listing that will catch the attention of a travel nurse and will specifically suit their needs.  This means including great photos, details about your awesome amenities and what there is to do in the neighborhood (consider offering a short guide).  If your home is conveniently located near hospitals, grocery stores, or gyms make sure to include this practical information as well.  Since travel nurses will be working and not on vacation, they will definitely value practicality!

Make sure to showcase the details of your home that make it unique.

  • Make sure to include keywords in your listing about travelling nurses and health care professionals.  That way your home will actually pop up as an option when they are searching for a rental on the internet. This might consist of words like “travel nurse”, “short-term rental,”  “travel nurse rental,” etc. 
  • Select a price point that they can afford.  While you can expect to charge a premium for offering short term rental options and furnishings, also keep in mind that travel nurses have a very specific budget.  Find a balance that you are comfortable with offering while keeping it reasonable for travelers. 
  • Furnish your home and include a well-stocked kitchen.  Travel health professionals come from all over the U.S.  They tend to travel light out of the necessity to be able to move quickly and easily.  So highlight what furnishings and kitchen items are included that will make their time enjoyable and convenient without having to haul or buy a bunch of items.  Make sure you at least have the basics like a couch, bed, table, chairs and kitchen appliances that you would use every day, such as a coffee pot.

Stock the kitchen with essentials. 

  • Make your listing available on websites that cater specifically to travel nursesTransplant Housing offers short term rental options for travel nurses all one in one convenient spot.  They can search free of charge for a rental to maximize your visibility on their website.  Check out their affordable plans that will significantly increase your search-ability. 
  • Do your best to keep them happy and comfortable.  The travel healthcare community is pretty tight knit, so start one with great rental experience and you are likely to have future recommendations directly from that travel nurse or even their travel company.  Word of mouth is a great way to keep your home occupied throughout the year when you want.  

Keep your renter happy and cozy and reap the benefits. 

With these simple hacks you can ensure that you get the right person, couple or family into your home.  They get to enjoy the conveniences of home while you make income on your home. Renting short term to a travel nurse is a great option for all parties involved!!