How to Maximize Your Travel Assignment


July 9 2019 by Transplant Housing

Being a travel nurse, or any other kind of travel health care professional, is lucrative for the flexibility and opportunity such a career offers.  No matter what your personality or comfort level is with travel, there is an assignment out there waiting for you to take advantage of it. By keeping the right options in mind, you can find the perfect travel assignment and maximize the time you spend in a new place!

  1. Tourist opportunities.  Are there parts of the U.S. you’ve always wanted to see? Take full advantage of your travel assignment and go somewhere you’ve always wanted to explore.  It’s a perfect opportunity see new places while getting paid. Plus, you’ll have a much more authentic experience in the area as you gradually meet more locals.  For destination inspiration, look here
  2. Follow your favorite weather.  Do you love a certain season or loathe another?  There is plenty of variety throughout the U.S. that you can simply arrange your travel assignments to follow (or avoid) that specific season.  Whether you want to be a weekend ski bum or experience ongoing summer paradise, the options are endless. 
  1. High paying opportunities.   If you find an assignment outside of your tax home, you will benefit from a weekly tax free stipend.  No taxes means more money going directly into your pocket to save or enjoy. Other ways to earn more money as a traveler include finding your own housing, being flexible and quick to respond to opportunities, and working with a well-renowned staffing agency.  Of these options, finding a cost efficient housing option is definitely going to be the biggest way to gain traction in saving money.
  2. Friend and family opportunities.  If you live far away from dear friends or family and wish you could see them more often, a travel assignment is a perfect excuse to get closer.  If you and your loved ones are comfortable, you might even score on cheap (or free) rent. This is a great way to spend quality time with those you love, without feeling rushed on a short trip.  Plus, if they live somewhere you aren’t familiar with, they can double as your tour guide! 
  3. BONUS:  Time to explore between assignments. There is typically a lag of 1-4 weeks between travel assignments (or more if you choose to).  If you plan accordingly, you can use this time to explore. This can include the location you’re currently in, the area in between, or your next assignment to get a formal introduction before actually starting work.  The flexibility gives you more time to take full advantage of your fun and adventurous lifestyle as a traveler. Additionally, if you truly fall in love with an area you can always talk to the facility about extending your contact.

No matter what your priorities are for your next assignment, choose what fits your style and maximize your experiences in a new place.   Life is too short not to enjoy it to the fullest, especially with the opportunities available to you as a travel nurse or healthcare professional.  So get out there and embrace each assignment to the fullest!