The Benefits of a Growing Rental Market Specific to Travel Nurses and Medical Professionals


August 4 2019 by Transplant Housing
Beautiful Travel Nurse Housing

If you’re a traveling nurse or medical professional, you have probably experienced the frustrations that come with trying to find an ideal short term rental.  While you want to take that stipend money and maximize your income, you also want to live comfortably and enjoy your new location. Sometimes it can be hard to find a balance.  

Gone are the days of endless searching for short term rental. 

The best of both worlds.

Before you throw up your hands and forfeit your stipend to your travel company to find you housing, you’ll be excited to learn of the growing rental market space that is specifically targeting you!  The rental community has caught on that you are a trustworthy and professional tenant and they want you to stay in their home!  This option means you can quickly find a rental you are comfortable and use that stipend more efficiently to your benefit. 

Take the entire struggle out of finding a short-term rental on your own.

Here are the awesome things that home renters are now doing for you:

  • Specifically furnishing their homes for your ease so you don’t have to haul too much around. This typically includes furniture AND a fully stocked kitchen! All the comforts of home without having to rent a U-Haul or buy new items on site. (Plus, it might even leave room from you to bring some fun toys to your destination like a bike!)
  • They are aware of your short term rental commitments.  You no longer have to negotiate with long-term rental owners.  You know exactly what they are offering from the start. 
  • They know what you can afford in their region while offering amenities you can enjoy.  Expect to pay a little more for the convenience of furnishings and short term options while staying within your budget.  
  • They are working with trusted websites, like Transplant Housing, to optimize the experience for you.  It’s FREE for you to use. Additionally, they provide you extra rental protection with secure payments and background checks.

Find furnished homes that allow you to pack light. 

Find listings quickly and easily.

If you know what your budget and needs are, you can find a rental that works for you that same day by searching Transplant Housing’s database.  You’ll then know exactly what items you need to bring from home and won’t have to haggle over price points or deposits. Plus, you will have the peace of mind that when you arrive at your destination your new home will be ready to go.  

If you are looking for a rental, using a website tailored specifically to you should be a no brainer. The benefits are endless! Gone are the days of frantically looking at last minute options that don’t fit your needs.  Find exactly what you need quickly and easily so you can rest easy and enjoy your time in your new assignment. 

Find your ideal rental today. 

NOTE: If you are a home owner yourself, you can take advantage of this new market from both sides too.  Why not rent your home while you’re away? You can provide this same great service for fellow travelers and make extra income while still maintaining your tax home.