AirBnB Travel Nurse


May 12 2020 by Transplant Housing

As we face a global pandemic together, travel nurses and other medical professionals are keeping the medical system afloat in these difficult times.  They join the work force of Americans that is keeping the entire U.S. running smoothly behind the scenes (such as truck drivers, grocery store employees, and more).  Brave travel nurses are accepting assignments in hard hit areas that need the extra personnel despite the risk it poses to their own health. Many of those travelling right now have taken advantage of the new short term rental market available, resulting in a much needed army of “AirBnB Travel Nurses.”

What’s an AirBnB Travel Nurse?

AirBnB’s vacation property rental market practically disappeared overnight with borders closing and nationwide quarantine orders.  They have been able to shift gears quickly to help provide housing for those essential workers that continue to help us stay healthy.  AirBnB travel nurses have been able to take advantage of listed homes that aren’t normally available to them for 3-6 months periods while they are on assignment (normally they aren’t available or are too expensive because they are priced for vacation stays).  This way, travel nurses and other healthcare professionals have the peace of mind that they have a convenient and comfy place to stay when they arrive at a new job. 

Providing a safe haven for our heroes. 

Many healthcare professionals have heroically agreed to travel to new places across the nation to address the huge burden certain hotspots are experiencing.  They are providing much needed relief to areas where the local medical community is trying to hang on (as they do their best to treat the sick).  Thus, the least the community can do is provide them with high quality housing.  Nurses and healthcare professionals have been happy to take advantage of this housing opportunity.  

AirBnB provides an opportunity for both travel nurses and home owners.

If you are a traveling nurse, you now have many options.  You can search directly through mega-platforms like AirBnB or more local travel nurse catered sites like Transplant Housing to see what options you have at your next assignment.  As you make the decision to go to a new assignment, don’t let the worry about where you will stay loom over your head.  And on top of that, find a place that offers you a nurturing environment so you can feel refreshed on days off.   Find a place you love and then focus on staying healthy for yourself and your patients. 

What to look for in an AirBnB as a travel nurse:

There are many options out there right now for a travelling nurse or healthcare profession.   Keep these details in mind:

  • Price
  • Dates of availability
  • Furnishings to help you settle in
  • Amenities for maximizing your stay
  • Pet policies
  • Available outdoor space (more important than ever)
  • Overall safety

Additionally, as travel nurse, if you own a property yourself don’t forget that you can also rent out your own home to another professional that may be coming to fill a specific need in your area.  

A brand new market. 

There have always been travel nurses and healthcare professionals in need of housing.  Even when this pandemic is over, they will still be traveling and in need of a “home away from home.”  Whether you are a home owner or a travel nurse, take advantage of the new opportunities now available in this rental environment!