How to Make Your Rental Listing Stand Out


May 3 2019 by Transplant Housing
Be unique and personable

Having a rental has become a very competitive business with the growing popularity of online platforms.  As a home owner, renting short term to travel health professionals can be particularly lucrative. With a reputation of professionalism and a growing number of travelers in need of a home, renting to a travel nurse (or any health professional) is a great option.  

To maximize your rental opportunities, it’s important to learn how to attract these travellers by making your listing stand out.

  1. Have a catchy title.  The title should quickly help someone decide if the listing is applicable to them.  This means including all the basics like price, bedrooms, bathroom and location in one succinct title.  This should be done in a way that demonstrates you are a professional. Lastly, it should complement and showcase the property well by including one meaningful descriptive word (such as luxurious, modern, vintage, etc).
  2. Photos.  When looking for a rental, most people will make a decision in less than 10 seconds based on the first few photos they see on a listing.  Less than 20% of searchers will actually click to find out more.  If the pictures don’t catch their attention they probably won’t spend any more time on your rental description and move onto the next.  This means dark, blurry and poorly angled photos just won’t cut it. Don’t know where to start? Check out our resource on taking photos here.  Keep in mind that your best photos should be the first 3-4 (so no bathroom photos unless it’s a selling point).
  3. Have a catchy first sentence for your description.  Your listing passed the photo test, now it’s time to scroll through the description.  This is another area where you want to keep the renter’s attention for as long as possible or they will leave quickly.  If they get bored, they might just move on before they see any of the cool details that you have to offer. Thus, try to start your description with one descriptive and catchy sentence that embodies the vibe of your place. Focus on the best features that will make it instantly desirable.  Make sure to use descriptive words again just like you did in your title.
You can do it yourself with a little research and time.
  1. Be descriptive. If you’ve now established enough interest for someone to actually read through the description, make sure you include it all.  Potential renters don’t like having to bother you with unnecessary follow up questions and may just move on if the description isn’t crystal clear.  Mention amenities, parking, accessibility, layout and any other details that will help a renter make their decision.
  2. Showcase your amenities.  If you have some great bonus features, a great location or a well-stocked kitchen, don’t forget to showcase these to your advantage. For a full list of ideas on what to include look here.