Transplant Housing: A Resource For Travel Nurses And Home Owners


April 18 2019 by Transplant Housing

As the nursing and primary care provider shortage continues to grow, so does the need for travel nurses and locum tenens providers. These travelers will often accept job assignments lasting up to 13 weeks. With plenty of medical professionals looking for housing during their assignments, Transplant Housing wants to be your primary resource for discovering short-term housing.

Transplant Housing is a trustworthy site for travel nurses and providers to find short-term furnished housing. Instead of considering expensive and cold corporate apartments through your agency, opt for the housing stipend. By using Transplant Housing and the housing stipend, you can find affordable lodging, while saving some extra cash. Likewise, you will have more control over where and how you want to live.

As a traveler, you can start by searching for a property on our website. You may narrow down your search by selecting a specific property type, location, size, and if pets are allowed. Having a go-to place to find housing while on assignment saves travelers tons of time! Once you find an option that works for you, you can contact the property owner directly. Most properties will include furniture, utilities, and internet/cable. Best of all, this resource is absolutely free to all travelers. No hidden fees; no commissions or mark-ups in price.

We partner with home owners who understand that travel nurses and locum tenens providers are on a tight budget. They price their property fairly and list them on our site to connect with thousands of travelers. In order to upload their property on our site, property owners will have to select the type of listing package they want to enroll in and enter details and photographs of the home. Once the listing is completed and approved, it will be available on the search engine to all of our travelers.

Each listing will include the contact information for the accommodation, so travelers can contact property owners directly. Transplant Housing helps property owners find the right tenant by facilitating the acquirement of tenant background checks and credit reports if desired. Through an affiliate program called Cozy, landlords can use the above-named services in addition to setting up a portal to collect rent.

We have also connected with Extended Stay America to allow our travelers to save up to 31% in costs per stay. With over 600 pet-friendly and kid friendly hotel suites in the United States, this may be a good option for many travelers. Stays can be as short as one day or one week. This is especially attractive to locum tenens providers that sometimes work short assignments of 1 week or less.

Lastly, Transplant Housing offers the opportunity for travelers to rent out their home while they are on assignment. What better way to help your fellow travel nursing community, while also covering some of your home expenses? We provide property management services so you can focus on your work and not have to worry about the tasks of renting out your place!

We are thrilled to continue supporting an amazing community of medical professionals, nurses, and home owners. Travel nurses and locum tenens providers are increasingly taking the housing stipend instead of booking lodging through their agency. Thus, it is important that Transplant Housing continues to provide short-term housing options for them.