Packing List Basics For A Traveling Nurse:


April 18 2019 by Transplant Housing

Practicing minimalism as a traveling nurse can provide piece of mind and is practical for saving time and money while on the move. However, this is easier said than done since it is so easy to accumulate a lot of “stuff” into today’s society. It’s just so easy! One you’ve determined your living priorities and chosen a place, (add in two backlinks on “priorities” and “place” from other articles) here is a basic packing list of all the “essentials” to try to prevent feeling figuratively and literally weighed down while on assignment (based on the assumption that your home will at least be furnished):


Kitchen Essentials (Ask The Property Owner If These Are Included, If Not Make Sure To Bring With You):
Try To Stick To 4 Or Less Of Each, Unless You Plan To Be Hosting A Lot Of Dinner Parties. Bring Coffee Mugs, Drinking Glasses, Dinner Plates, Small Plates, And Bowls.
Include Forks, Butter Knives, Sharp Knives And Spoons. Again 4 Of Each Should Be Plenty. Don’t Forget A Cutting Board, Strainer, Spatula, Ladle, And Wisk For Basic Cooking Tasks.

Pots And Pans: 1-3 Different Sized Frying Pans, Pots And Casserole Pans.
Kitchen Appliances
Dish Towels, Sponges And Any Other Favorite Cleaning Supplies
For Those That Plan To Bake: Add In A Few Of Your Favorite Baking Dishes And Measuring Utensils.


Bathroom Essentials: (This Will Vary A Lot Depending On How Much You Like To Pamper Yourself.)
Stick To One Of Each Category You Need: Shampoo, Body/Hand Soap, Lotion, Conditioner, Make Up, Etc.
Appliances: Hair Trimmer, Blow Dryer, Curling Iron/Straightener


Bedroom Essentials:
Bedding (Expecting Visitors? Bring Extra)
Clothing: For Work, Leisure, Dress And Exercise.
Accessories: These Can Take Up Less Space (I.E. Jewelry, Hats, Scarves) And Still Give You Variety For Your Closet.

Electronics And Entertainment:


Computer Or Tablet
Cell Phone (Don’t Forget Your Chargers.)
TV And Music
Books Or Kindle
Hobby Related Equipment: Love To Knit, Adventure Outdoors, Exercise At Home Or Take Photos? Bring The Toys You Need!
Pieces Of Home:
Favorite Photos/Frames, Posters, And Artwork (Keep It Simple And Small).
Favorite Deco And Meaningful Items (Candles, Awards, Flower Vases, Etc.)
These Are Not Necessarily Essential But Should Take Up Little Room And Will Help You Feel Like You’re At Home Anywhere.
Running low on space? Think about these tips:

In The Kitchen:
Think Of Space When Considering Things Like A KitchenAid Mixer Vs. Hand Mixer Or Any Other Large Appliances (Blender, Juicer, Espresso Machine, Waffle Maker, Etc.).
Be Honest With Yourself: What Will You Actually Be Cooking In The Time You Have? Plus Don’t Bring 5 Different Gadgets That Basically Do The Same Thing!
In The Bedroom:
Ever Heard Of A Capsule Wardrobe? Check It Out Here!

General Items:
Cleaning Supplies And Food Staples (Spices, Baking Items, Etc) Can Always Be Bought On Site.
Smaller Household Items (I.E. Dishes) May Be Easier To Buy On Site (Like Dishes) If You Are Quickly Running Out Of Room In Your Packable Space.
Consider If You Really Need A Television When You Probably Won’t Have Cable. Can You Survive With Netflix On Your Computer Or Even Phone?
If You’re Place Will Not Be Furnished. Don’t Underestimate The Use Of Second Hand Stores And Site To Find Great Treasures At A Huge Discount. Then You Can Sell Or Re-Donate Them When You’re Assignment Is Complete. Find The Perfect Place For Your Assignment At Traveling Healthcare Rentals Here.
Best of luck in your packing adventures. If you’ve got lots of space and down-sizing makes you anxious then the sky is the limit. However, if you’re limited in space like most use this guide and be strong!!