How Great Photos Will Help You Get Booked


April 18 2019 by Transplant Housing

Think about what you look for when you’re booking a place to stay. You may be looking at location and amenities. But the number one thing that you’re looking at? The photos. If a place has sub-par photos, the chances of you wanting to stay there grow slim.

Individuals looking to book your place are going about it in the same way. Your place may be amazing, but if your photos aren’t reflecting that, potential clients will turn away immediately.

If you have professional-looking photographs of your rental space, the chances of potential clients booking you will go up drastically.


Use quality equipment

If you want to take quality photos that are able to properly capture the details of your properly, you need to have a nice camera. If you want to have a camera that you will only use for this, consider renting a camera from a local rental shop. Some good and intuitive cameras for you to use are Canon T6i, Nikon D3300, and a Sony a58.

Once you have a camera, you should always use a tripod. A tripod will help steady your photo to make sure that nothing is blurry and that details are not lost.

Stage your home

Where To Shoot

You want to make sure you space looks inviting, but not cluttered. Clutter can distract from the actual features in your home and may appear the space to look messy, which no potential client is going to like. Going along the same lines, try to make your rooms as neutral as possible. This doesn’t have to mean white walls, but more neutral colors make the space look more inviting to more people.

Before you shoot any photos of your space, make sure all of the lights in your room have the same temperature. This way the lighting is consistent throughout all of your photos and it will not miscolor any part of your space. After you make sure all of your lights are the same temperature, turn all of the lights on and if you have curtains open them to let in the most natural light possible. This will make your space look brighter and larger.

You Should Always Try To Shoot From The Corner Of A Room In Order To Maximize Space And To Fit Everything In Frame. This Can Also Add Dimension To Your Photo. If You Shoot Straight Against A Wall, It Can Look As If The Room Is Smaller Than It Actually Is.


If you want to further master the art of property photography, Airbnb now provides a free photography service if you have your listing on Airbnb.

Another resource for you is YouTube. Mango Street Lab is a great channel for beginner photographers and has a video specifically on interior photography.

If you don’t feel comfortable taking your own photos of your property, it is worth the investment of booking a professional photographer to do so. Although it may cost you up to a couple hundred upfront, the money it will make you in the long run will make it a worthwhile investment.

If you have any further questions on how to make your property more inviting to potential clients, feel free to contact Transplant Housing at any time.

You should always try to shoot from the corner of a room in order to maximize space and to fit everything in frame. This can also add dimension to your photo. If you shoot straight against a wall, it can look as if the room is smaller than it actually is.