Top 5 Reasons A Travel Nurse Will Choose One Home Over Another


April 18 2019 by Transplant Housing
Reasons a Travel Nurse Will Choose

So you’ve decided to rent out your property to a travel nurse. This is great! You can rest easy with a medical professional in your home since they have a reputation for responsibility. Plus, you’re helping bring affordable living to someone with invaluable skills for your local community. In today’s market with so many rental properties available at the click of a button, it’s all about setting up an awesome listing description with these 5 key factors in mind:


Moving to a new city will come with a lot of excitement for new exploration for a travel nurse. Each will have their own priorities on location so focus on what is positive about your specific listing.

Commute: To Local Hospitals, Grocery Stores, Shopping Malls, City Center, Popular Sights, Or Any Other Hot Spots In Your Area That May Entice A Traveler To Pick Your Specific Location.
Safety: Family Friendly, Gated Community, Crime Rates. Safety Is Always Important So Finding A Way To Illustrate This Is Key.
Recreation Close By: Outdoors Activities Easily Accessible, Popular Events That Happen In Your Area, Proximity To Favorite Gyms, Cafes, Restaurants, And/Or Museums. You Have The Advantage Of Knowing This Area Best To Be Able To Demonstrate The Advantage Of Your Area.
Demographics: Is Your Neighborhood For Families, Younger Or Older Crowd, Or A Mix? Whatever It Is, Use It To Your Benefit.

Type of Unit:

No matter what type of unit you have. Use the details to win a renter over. One type is not better than the other so put some creativity into why your unit is best.

Shared Vs. Entire Property. Nowadays Offering An Entire Property Is Most Popular For A Renting Nurse And It Will Easily Sell Itself. However, Don’t Forget A Shared Property Can Have Its Bonuses Related To More Space, Cheaper Rent, The Potential For Better Amenities, And Companionship.
House Vs. Apartment. With Either Option, Talk About Available Space, Ease Of Management Or Any Other Positive Advantages.
Size And Layout Of Unit. Include In Your Listing Details On Square Footage, Number Of Bedrooms/Bathrooms, Kitchen Size, Outdoor Space Available, Functionality Of Layout, Etc.


With each assignment, a travel nurse is given a set budget from their employer based on location dependent per diem allowances (these are government regulated). If you want to know what they are being offered in your area check it out here. Keep these rates in mind when you are deciding what price to set for your rental. Look at these rates with caution since the lump sum is also supposed to include the budget for food while on assignment. In addition, a lot of travel nurses choose to take a stipend (rather than their employer find them housing) to be able to save a little more of their total paycheck each month. Use this information to set a competitive and reasonable rate for your area.

Pet Friendly:

This is a mixed hat so just be honest with what you want to offer. If you don’t want to completely write off any traveler with pets, you may note that you are flexible depending on the breed, size or training of a specific pet. If you are worried about damage that could be done to your property it is reasonable to add a deposit or additional clause to your lease agreement (travelers expect this, they are usually happy to find a place that will even allow their pet). If you have outdoor space or are close to a dog park, don’t forget to include this in your listing. If you simply don’t want to risk having pets in your home, don’t lose any sleep over it. There are plenty of travel nurses that travel both ways.


Don’t forget to brag about all the bells and whistles your property includes! Worried your property doesn’t offer much to get excited about? Don’t underrate the advantage of simplicity. Don’t forget to include any of these amenities if you have them in addition to any other unique features you can offer:

  • Utilities included (high speed internet, cable package)
  • AC/heating or fire place
  • Washer/dryer or any other household appliances
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Gourmet kitchen (also include any appliances or items your kitchen will contain)
  • Outdoor space (BBQ, yard service, fenced in privacy)
  • Security
  • Type of parking available
  • Furnished or not

It’s impossible to predict a traveler’s preferences, so put your best foot forward to make the decision easier for them. Maybe they didn’t realize what they wanted or which amenities were important until you sold them on it! Get your listing started today here with Transplant Housing. Need more help with your listing to make it better? Check out our article on the importance of photos here (add in when ready).